President's Reception, with a beer/wine tasting

A casual afternoon at the home of HCSB President Albert S. Lindemann

HCSB President Albert S. Lindemann is once again opening his home for an afternoon reception, on Sunday October 25, 3:00 p.m.  We plan to make this an annual fall event for members and their guests, as a way to kick off the new season of club activities.

During the reception, we will be holding a beer and wine tasting.  If you wish to participate in this, please bring some bottles of your favorite beer or 1-2 bottles of a wine you feel is a good bargain (balancing quality against reasonable price).  Be prepared to give a brief description of what you brought before we all sample it together.  We'll discuss the merits of each submission, and people will vote for their favorites, with awards given to the winners.  Please bring your own tasting glass if possible.

Not everyone may want to participate in this wine and beer tasting; it is entirely voluntary and its point is to make the reception more attractive, not to limit the attendance. An array of other beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, will be provided by HCSB, along with palate-clearing hors d’oeuvres, for everyone. There is, in short, no need for those who are not participating in the tasting to bring anything. But those who are bringing beer or wine for the tasting should keep their bottles separate from the others (separate tables will be provided for both). We plan a short period at first of mixing (3:00 to 3:30), then the tasting of the wines and beers, and then another hour or so of informal mixing, after introducing the president and board members.

The Lindemanns' home is along Tunnel Rd.  Parking for the reception is possible on this street though the places do tend to fill up on Sunday afternoons by hikers. There are also spaces for about ten cars in a lot adjoining the home and around five more closer to the house.  Please car-pool if possible.

To facilitate carpooling to this event, we have created a forum category (“Carpooling”) on this website.  If you wish to carpool (desiring a ride or offering a ride), please post a notice at the forum:

Please RSVP with your email address and number of guests.

We'll email you the exact address a few days before the event.


View photos from the event here!