Volunteer Opportunities

Club Events

At Club events, you will meet fellow alumni and alumnae in the intellectually stimulating setting of presentations from active Harvard faculty. Close friendships are forged every year at our talks, dinners and other events.

Creating and managing these events does require effort.  The Club has no paid staff to put on events, so volunteer effort from its members is a must!

Student Interviews

Each year, we interview 120-180 student applicants to Harvard College. We are always looking for recent (post-1970 preferred) alumni and alumnae of Harvard College to interview some of the brightest high school students in the area.

For more details, please see the Admissions Interviewing tab of this website.

Serving Harvard and our Communities

The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) encourages and promotes various service opportunities throughout the year.  The Club is very interested in participating in HAA's service opportunities and will provide support to members with the energy and interest to take part.